Welcome to the  EDDF Triangle Area

This page is for those, who want to exercise "Controlled Flying" inside the standard FlightGear environment.

Since mid 2010 there is established a regular ATC-service at EDDF
each week Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 20:00 to 24:00 CET/MEZ.
(in UTC that is: in summer 18-22, in winter 19-23)

Some nearby locations usually join in, so you can exercise flying from one airport to the next under constant ATC-control (if the airports are not more than 200 mi apart!).

Please find in the following some informations to that:

There exists no real coordinated "EDDF-Triangle" action any more, because many ATC's got bored waiting many hours for customers. But EDDK/EDDL, EDDH, EBBR,are still very active. In addition EDDM, EDDN, EGLL/EGKK, EHAM, LIML, LFPK, LKPR are often available.

As a pilot you may check for active ATCs by e.g.: If you are interested in more well developped airports worth to visit, see: You also may be intrested to review how your perfomance among all other visitors lokked like - as well on radar as in the air as in using the radio. You can find filmes to all EDDF-events next day on:

Participants / Customers:

Any pilot flying a full operational model-airplane under the FlightGear environment in MultiPlayer mode is welcome.

As a minimum skill we expect from you:

also see the possibilities when just typing a "-" and then selecting from the red listing! We know that takes some training and is often not usable because it might predefine a different location as the one you want to talk to. But on ground on an airport it should be ok!

You should know the following abbreviations: VFR-IFR, VOR-ILS, AP-manual

(compare: "http://www.emmerich-j.de/HB/EN/RNAV" or "http://www.emmerich-j.de/HB/DE/RNAV"